Bundesverband Tierschutz e.V.






The Bundesverband Tierschutz e.V. (BVT e.V.) is an SPCA based in Moers with a capital city office in Berlin.











BVT e.V. is an umbrella organisation for animal welfare founded in Germany in 1962.
It was created out of radical animal rights activists' protest against the Deutsche Tierschutzbund (German Federation For Animal Welfare), which they accused of lacking activity and welfare attitude.
Nowadays BVT e.V. and the Deutsche Tierschutzbund cooperate concerning animal welfare.
In 2014 BVT e.V. joint the Tierschutzverein für Berlin und Umgebung into the Bündnis Tierschutzpolitik Berlin (Union for animal welfare policies).

BVT e.V. is one of the seven associations who by the Ministry for Consumer Protection of Northrine-Westfalia are entitled to bring to court a representative action for SPCAs.



Among other things, BVT e.V. acts as an adviser for the Bundestierschutzkommission (Federal Commission for Animal Welfare) of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture as well as for the  advisory councils for animal welfare of North Rine-Westfalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse an in the Stiftung zur Förderung der Erfoschung von Ersatz- und Ergänzungsmethoden zur Einschränkung von Tierversuchen (a foundation for the promotion and development of methods of compensation and supplementation in order to limit animal testing).
The BVT e.V. is entitled to carry out class action suits in North Rine-Westfalia, it is a member of German Charity Council, which is the lobby of non-profit organisations and is a member of the Deutsche Naturschutzring (the umbrella organisation of German nature conservation and environmental protection organisations).
Furthermore BVT e.V. is a cooperation partner of the Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungsformen (an association for controlled alternative forms of animal keeping) as well as a supporter of the initiative „Kaninchenmast, nein danke“, a union of 36 SPCAs against keeping in cages rabbits for fattening.
In the name of Bündnis Tierschutzpolitik Berlin, the BVT e.V. and the Tierschutzverein für Berlin und Umgebung in cooperation with the Deutsche Tierschutzbund organize a nationwide demonstration in Berlin, „Forschung ja – Tierversuche Nein!“ against animal testing in research.

The BVT e.V. is charitable and acknowledgedly worthy of support. In addition BVT e.V. runs an animal shelter in Wesel.



The association is managed by five board members. The board is elected every four years at the members' general assembly. Gerd Gies is president.